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How to be there for loved ones

When a family member or friend is going through any sort of challenge, small gestures of love and support can go a long way. But sometimes we struggle with what to say or do, so we don’t say anything at all.

#OptionBThere is about helping you find the words and actions to support loved ones when they need you the most.

Three ways to be there for others


Remember, saying something is better than saying nothing at all.


Treat people how they want to be treated. Everyone deals with challenges differently.


Know that some days may be especially tough. Take note and support your family member or friend through them.

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Advice on supporting loved ones through...

Grief & loss

Grief is one of the most universal human experiences, but all too often, no one talks about it. Here you’ll find expert advice on how to support a loved one who is grieving.

Health challenges

Whether your loved one is dealing with an unexpected diagnosis or an ongoing disability, health challenges can often be scary and isolating. Read advice for showing up for a family member or friend with health issues.

Mental health challenges

We all deserve to treat our mental health with the same care and compassion we do our physical health. Here, you’ll learn the signs that a loved one might be struggling with their mental health, and find advice on how to be there for them.

LGBTQ discrimination

Far too many LGBTQ people face discrimination and rejection in their families, schools, and communities. Find advice for showing support to a loved who comes out to you, and ways—big and small—to continue reminding them that you’ll always be their ally.

Being there for loved ones on difficult holidays

For many, holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah are filled with celebration and togetherness. But for people who are coping with loss, dealing with health issues, or facing other challenges, they can be hard. Find actions big and small that you can take to offer your loved ones extra support and help them find moments of joy.

For Father's Day

Learn how to support loved ones who have lost a child or father, or who are struggling with infertility or illness.


For the holidays

Find out how to give one of the best gifts you can during the holiday season—being there for the people who need it most.


For Mother's Day

Read advice on how to be there for a friend grieving for their mom or a mother who’s coping the loss of a child.