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“As I was delicately laid on the side of the road, I thought to myself, ‘I will get through this somehow…’”

By Irene Weinberg

The last weekend of my husband Saul’s life—a beautiful, fun winter weekend we spent skiing with friends—was glorious. The night before he died, we were enjoying our hot tub together when, out of the blue, Saul said, “I’m so lucky and thankful to have you in my life.”

The next day, Saul died beside me in a tragic car accident.

What Saul did not know is that two months before the accident, I, who did not believe in any notions of spirituality, had received a surprising message that said, “Saul has to go. Many lessons will be learned by his death.”

I was sure the message was a crazy thought and had put it out of my mind until our car suddenly swerved out of control on the New York State Thruway. I looked over at Saul and saw that he was sound asleep at the wheel. When I called out to him, he woke up and attempted to correct the swerve, but instead we began to lift into the air for the first of four flips. This is when the second message came into my head, telling me, “He’s not going to make it. You are.” And as I was being pulled out of our totaled car, my precious husband Saul dead next to me, a voice literally boomed into my head, telling me, “Be loving and kind to everyone.”

"Even if you get hit by a grenade in life, you can somehow come through to the other side of the tragedy. And keep going forward.”

That life-changing directive was accompanied by another thought, this one generated by me as I was delicately laid on the side of the road. I thought to myself, “I will get through this somehow, because I have to show my son Matt that even if you get hit by a grenade in life, you can somehow come through to the other side of the tragedy. And keep going forward.”

Saul was buried on Matt’s 21st birthday.

Six weeks later, I was deeply grieving and just out of my wheelchair when I was invited to attend a gallery hosted by the now famous medium John Edward. During a gallery, a medium provides proof of the deceased’s survival to loved ones before an audience. Saul came through with flying colors for 35 minutes with on-the-mark information that only I could know, including a hilarious joke the two of us had shared together about Matt.

This positive experience led me to other psychics and mediums, who channeled amazing information to me about Saul’s experience arriving in heaven, confirmed that we were soulmates through many past lives, and provided an insider’s view about what goes on beyond our lives on Earth. I was also prompted to write a book that offers comfort and healing to its readers.

While all of this was going on, I continued to heal and transform both my grief and my life, thanks to my work with a terrific life transition coach and a wise energetic healer, both of whom had been highly recommended to me.

With the words “be loving and kind to everyone” forever reverberating in my head and in my heart, I dedicated myself to sharing my spiritual and healing journey as a guide and inspiration to others, speaking at conferences, spiritual get-togethers, and bookstores.

I thought my mission was complete, but I was in for another big surprise the day the word “podcast” suddenly came into my head. Having learned not to ignore the messages I receive, I began to gather information about podcasting, which led to the creation of my podcast.

Through this platform, I convey my powerful conversations with grief and trauma specialists, mediums, healers, and inspiring people, including celebrities, who have uplifting healing stories to share with listeners.

The most rewarding gift I have received from all the work I have done to heal myself and to help others heal is the words of my son Matt: “Mom, there has been nothing worse than seeing you in complete despair, and nothing better than seeing you be able to find joy again.”


Irene is the author of “They Serve Bagels in Heaven,” a compelling and spiritual love story that offers comfort and healing to its readers. She is also the creator and host of the podcast “Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life.”

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