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Valentine's day after loss

Former "Bachelorette" contestant, Michael Allio, partners with Option B to share about the loss of his wife, Laura, to breast cancer and how he celebrates Valentine's Day now. How should one recognize Valentine's Day after the loss of a spouse?

[0:00 - 0:57] Michael: I lost my wife Laura in 2019 to breast cancer.

She was only 33 years old and we were together for 16 years.

And so like so many other people who have experienced loss, holidays can be very, very difficult.

And with Valentine's day in particular, you go online and you see nothing but all of these amazing acts of love.

And it was just a reminder for me for the longest time of everything that my family had experienced and had lost Valentine's day looks different for us now and it's been four years since she had passed.

But I can't now look back on her life in a different light in this Valentine's Day.

I'll do what I normally do and write her a very kind note just for my eyes only, but it allows me to bring her back to life for me and my son James.

Sadly, there are so many people that are dealing with grief.

Whether you lost a loved one, maybe experienced a miscarriage, maybe you're grieving a life that you thought that you would have.

That feels now out of reach checkout option B they offer tons of helpful tips and advice to help you navigate this very difficult time in your life and help you to find a better way forward.

Because hope is out there, an option B can help.

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