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Option B There For the Holidays

The holidays can be hard for those going through a tough time.

Those who’ve experienced hardship—like the loss of a loved one or a painful divorce—are twice as likely to associate the holidays with negative feelings like sadness, loneliness, and worry. While you can't change what your family and friends have been through, you can show them how much you care. #OptionBThere is here to help you find the right words and thoughtful gestures to support your loved ones.

Here are some ways you can be there for your loved ones and empower them to build resilience. You can also browse all of our #OptionBThere resources for more advice on showing up for others this season.

How to talk about hard things

When a loved one is going through a hard time, it can be challenging to know what to say. To break the ice, try acknowledging your uncertainty: “I don’t know exactly what you need to hear right now, but I wanted to tell you that I care about you so much.”

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How to support loved ones from afar

If you can’t be with your loved one in person, consider sending a heartfelt letter or fun care package. You could also reach out to their local support network and team up—for example, maybe a neighbor can bake their favorite brownies if you share the recipe. Together, you can make your loved one’s holiday more joyous.

Show support when you’re far away

Small acts of support can go a long way

Too often, people don’t reach out to someone who’s struggling because they don’t know what to do. But you don’t need to solve all of your loved one’s problems to make a difference. Doing something, even if it feels small, matters.

Find small ways to show you care

How to be there for the long haul

When people are struggling with grief or other adversity, there is often an initial outpouring of love and support—and then that support gradually fades away. We’ve compiled practical tips to help you show your loved one that you’re committed to being there for them long after the holidays are over.

Be there beyond the holidays

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Send a card

Small gestures of love and support go a long way during the holidays

You can show your loved ones you’re there for them—even if the holidays aren’t totally happy—by sending an #OptionBThere card, developed in partnership with PAPYRUS and Emily McDowell & Friends

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