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Make space for loss & struggle at the Thanksgiving Table

In this short clip, Option B partners with the host of podcast "Terrible Thanks for Asking" and best-selling author of "Bad Vibes Only" to share advice for how to share our losses, struggles, and bad news at the dinner table or family events so they don't go ignored or unacknowledged.

[0:00 - 0:44] Nora: My husband Aaron died november 25th 2014.

It was two days before thanksgiving. Two days after he died.

My family did what we always do on thanksgiving. We all got together, we dressed up, we sat at a table, we pushed some food around our plates.

We tried to say the things that we were grateful for what we didn't do was talk about this loss, this immense hole that had been blown into our family and into our reality. It was miserable pretending that we were all okay when we so clearly we're not thanksgiving is coming just like it does every single year.

And if you have struggled this year, if you are living with a loss of any kind of sickness, if you are struggling, make space for it at your table, make space for it. Put it in the invite, make a toast about build a new tradition. Make sure that this thanksgiving reflects who you are in this moment and how you all are, especially if the answer is that you're not okay.

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